Pinteresting Murder at the Flamingo

I love Pinterest (don't you?) As a reader I use it to see what my favourite characters looked like in the author's mind or to see first-hand the setting for a story that I loved.

I also use it as a traveler: to mark the places I have been and the places I want to go.

And, of course, as a writer, I use it to keep track of some amazing images and ideas and links that inform the world of my novels.

On the MURDER AT THE FLAMINGO pinterest board, you will see everything from 1930s menus to some of the Boston and Toronto locations that set the backdrop of Hamish and Reggie's first adventure.

I am also excited to unlock a few other inspirational boards that zoom in on integral elements of my characters and their world. Today, I was excited to share a board devoted to Reggie Van Buren's favourite flicks. As a young woman reaching toward urban independence in the 1930s: she had some great silver screen muses. Reggie loves Jean Arthur, Myrna Loy and Irene Dunne (to name a few).

And one of her favourite flicks is The Thin Man (and, by the time we get to Murder in the City of Liberty), After the Thin Man.

All of the films featured are films I either grew up with or discovered in adulthood. Many are all-time favourites.

They were also essential to discovering the cadence and rhythm and vernacular of the language of the time period....

So, please check out a new board dedicated to some of Reggie Van Buren (and sometimes even Hamish's) favourite films.

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